Free Conference Venue Finder Service

Let Conference Resources do the work for you.

Are you planning to hold conferences, meetings, business events, conventions or incentives in Australia or another country?

We are an Australian-based team of professional event planners who are committed to assist you and your organisation planning and searching for the best venue for your group’s event anywhere in Australia or Internationally.

Are you considering Conference Facilities in Australia? We can save you time and hassle as we specialise in Australian events covering popular destinations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Southern Highlands and Hunter Valley. We even cover Regional Victoria, Sunshine Coast, Tropical North Queensland, Adelaide and Perth.

The International venues which we have expertise in include New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia (Bali), China, Hong Kong and many other destinations.

Our service assists you in selecting the best conference venue for your upcoming event. Aside from assisting you in choosing the best place for your group’s main event, we can also provide you with pre and post tour programs to keep your participants entertained before and after your conference.

We can also provide with useful tips or travel information on the destination you have chosen such as its transit details, visa requirements, standard tipping practice and the like.

Basically Conference Resources is a one-stop conference venue-finder and event planner.

The best thing is that our event venue finding services are FREE!


How we assist you?

After you have provided us with your specific event essentials, we will:

  1. Research, identify, and make a shortlist of all venues that will fit your requirement.
  2. Check availability and get quotes from these venues.
  3. Negotiate the best rates with our industry purchasing ability.
  4. Prepare and submit a detailed proposal with cost comparison.
  5. Present a recommendation on the most appropriate venue.
  6. Coordinate site inspections of the shortlisted event venues.
  7. Officially confirm the booking.

However you can negotiate directly with your selected venue for all contract and billing arrangements.

The best part of our event planning and guide services is that you have one single point of contact and our expertise in finding the best venue for the right event or occasion.


For more details and a free consultation, contact us by sending an email, complete our Enquiry Form, or call on 1300-764-906.