5 Tips to find the best Conference Location in Australia

5 Tips to find the best Conference Location in Australia

To assist you in your search, here are some useful tips to remember:

  • The Location or Venue – this is one of the most important factor in motivating a high attendance rate. Australia has superb public transport system and venue facilities.
  • Conference or Convention Facilities – choose venues with excellent in-house projection and sound systems, including Wi-Fi.
  • Prefer Hotel Conference Rooms in Australia – Australia has many five-star hotels with excellent conference facilities and in-house catering in reasonable prices. Check the rates and obtain prices for your event’s additional needs. Choose the right conference packages for your big event.
  • Conference Halls in Australia for Bigger Events – If you want to attract external delegates for your conference, you will need bigger venue with conference halls. There are big conference venues that do not have in-house audio-visual facilities. Get their prices for these extra requirements before booking the venue
  • Seating Arrangement and Styles – Basically, there are 10 seating  styles that can match your event:

–        Cocktail Style has no chairs or tables, which is good for any social events like parties

–        Banquet style has the same round dinner table where participants are seated around the circumference facing inward; this is famous for events like breakfast, lunch, and dinner

–        Cabaret Style has the same seating style to banquet style but with an open-end and participants are seated in an arc facing forward; this is good for team workshops and training sessions

–        Boardroom Style is similar to U-shape style but there is single elongated table with participants facing inward; this is usually an option for small meetings, one-on-one interviews, team briefings, and small presentations

–        Horse Shoe Seating Style is similar to U-shape style but there are no tables but only chairs which are arranged in open-ended style where participants are facing inwards; this is famous for big presentations, team briefings and large meetings

–        U-shape Style, as the name suggests, tables and chairs are arranged in open-ended arrangement with the participants facing inwards; this is good for workshops, meetings, conferences, or training

–        Herringbone Style is the same with classroom style where consecutive rows of chairs and tables are angled inwards; this seating style is good for training, lectures, and conferences

–        Classroom Style is seating arrangement you can find in the classroom or theatre where chairs and tables and lined in consecutive straight rows; this is famous for lectures, trainings, and conferences

–        Theatre Style has the same seating style you can find in cinema or theatres where chairs are arranged in consecutive straight rows; this is famous with launching of products/brands, meetings, and announcement.

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